3D Desk Inspection

We specialize in creating high-resolution 3D models of your existing assets, so you can safely, quickly and cost-effectively inspect them at your desk. Our cutting edge AI algorithms automatically detect defects, such as corrosion, cracks and holes, allowing an initial assessment of the condition of the asset.
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Designed to be able to do inspections in a safer, more complete manner.



Fly around in the 3D model to view it from any angle. Zoom in to view tiny defects or check out hard to reach areas that are known for its vulnerabilities.

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AI Detection

Let our AI algorithms scan your 3D model for a number of defects and get a birds-eye view of the detected spots.

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AI Annotation

See the exact spots on the underlying images where a defect is detected.

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Want to know the dimensions of an object or a defect, such as a crack? Use our handy tools to get millimeter-precision measurements.

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3D Annotate

Add notes at a specific location in the 3D model to attach important information or to-dos. Anyone with access to the inspections can view the notes and reply or follow up on them.

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Trend analysis

Load today’s inspections side-by-side with last year’s inspection and see how the object evolved.

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Project organization

Our platform maps out your assets and lists all of its historical inspections. All of an assets 3D models, photos, flight plans and inspection reports in one place.


What is a 3D model?

The 3D models that we create are photorealistic 3D digital twins based on a real-life captured imagery by drones, planes or other unmanned vehicles.


How does the AI work?

We have developed several models that can identify and annotate damages in our 3D models. Ready to use models include defects to bricks, concrete, asphalt and rooftiles. Contact us for tailor-made AI models.


How precise are the 3D models?

The 3D models have centimeter precision. If you're unsure about a tiny detail, you can just pull up the original high-resolution image.


What is the delivery time?

After uploading your images processing takes around a day.

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