Visual inspection
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Accurate inspection reports from your 3D digital twin. Let our cutting edge AI be your second pair of eyes.

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Cursor is collaborating with its partners to continuously push de limits and expand Cursors’ horizon. The SNN is one of the big contributors to the projects below. The SNN is financing a large part of these projects. Ensuring that companies like Cursor are rooted in the North of the Netherlands and provide innovative solutions to the world.

Curnonymous (2019-2021)

An autonomous solution of data acquisition, data processing and data interaction with drones.

PerfectMesh (2020-2021)

Cursor is developing an interface solution where the perfect mesh will be the automated center point of the user interface.

RCD2 (2021-2022)

In order to inspect water coolant pipelines, Cursor is developing a human operated but remote-controlled system that is able to inspect water coolant pipelines. The system will capture data from inside the pipeline, after the data acquisition, it will be processed by Cursor’s AI and perfectMesh interface. The RCD2 project is aimed to create a system that will function wirelessly as a non-human entry inspection method of underground pipelines.
Unrivalled precision

Highly precise 3D models
at your fingertips

Inspections as they should be. Inspection data is safely and cost effectively gathered by drones and is converted in a true-to-life 3D model, available anytime. Let our AI algorithms do the heavy lifting and focus only on the important defects.

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Single truth

A digital bird's-eye view of your assets and its defects. Monitor defects, notes from team members, and progress of third parties.

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AI algorithms

Automatically detect abnomalies like corrosion, cracks or tears and see them referenced in the 3D view. Use the detections as the basis for further action.

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ProjectAlgerabrug, Krimpen aan den Ijssel
2019-11-10Drone flight completed...
2019-11-103D model processing...
2019-11-113D model completed...
2019-11-12Inspection completed...
[9264] photos processed
[3942] instances of 'corrosion' found
[1115] instances of 'crack' found

How does it work?


1. Capture data

Capture images of your asset or let one of our partners help you. A detailed flight plan doesn't let a single angle unseen.


2. Process 3D model

Upload the data to our platform and let it transform the images into a 3D model with a high level of precision.


3. AI analysis

Automatically scan and annotate the 3D model for defects, such as cracks or leakages.


4. View & collaborate

Use the birds-eye view to get an instant overview of the status of your assets. Follow up on issues with team members or contractors.

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