The SNN and EFRO enable Cursor Asset Management to initiate project Curnonymous.

Cursor wants to make sure that no human being needs to put itself in danger in order to complete an industrial inspection.

We want to create a system where a drone autonomously executes routine inspections which is being relayed to an operator in the control room. However, an operator staring to a screen isn’t very effective.

That’s why Cursor created AI that filters all the data captured by the drone in order to make sure that the operator only reviews the data that is really important.

Cursor is proud member of the Dutch Artificial Intelligence Coalition.

After a pleasent introduction with the Dutch Minister of Economics, Cursor was invited to join the Dutch Coalition of Artificial Intelligence. The NLAICoalition provides a national and international stage for Cursor, allowing further AI applications to be discoverd and pushing Cursor to improve itself every day. The colaition organises events where like minded companies can interact and showcase their solutions and their roadmaps. Collaborating is one of the main objectives of the initative, sharing information will get you further than trying to keep everything for yourself.


Student challenges

The founders of Cursor Asset Management studied at the University of Groningen. 

The warm contact between Cursor and the University of Groningen enables access to great pools of knowledge. Recently Cursor set out some student challenges in marketentry strategy and trail & error development of specific Artificial Intelligence. 

The parntership with the University of Groningen allows Cursor to challenge itself everyday in developing better services for our customers.