Oil & Gas

Improving efficiency and safety

As drone technology continues to advance, more and more industries are increasingly using drones for a wide variety of applications. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are helping industries to save costs and time while improving efficiency and safety to optimise production.
Drones can effectively eliminate delays inherent to human performed inspections as well as time spent on the consequences of preventable accidents.

Collecting data sets

UAVs are used for collecting data sets that can be used to optimise the entire inspection and maintenance process by helping to predict failures. In order to conduct human-led inspections, shutdowns are necessary to minimise risks and prevent physical harm from coming to inspectors. While using UAVs plants don’t have to be shut down for inspections. This is a significant cost benefit as shutdowns can costs companies millions of dollars in lost revenue per day. UAVs can collect an abundance of data through the use of RGB camera’s, thermal cameras and various sensors.

Processing data sets

Abundance of data is a great luxury to have, however the abundance of data requires significant time and effort in post processing activities that are also prone to human errors.

This is where Cursor Asset Management can provide support.

Cursor Asset Management is specialised in tailoring Artificial Intelligence as an Inspection service. Cursor AM provides automated interpretation of acquired data by for e.g UAVs. Interpreting data with Artificial Intelligence requires a very meticulous data gathering process. It is of utmost importance that all data is very carefully acquired in order to assure the highest quality possible of the inspected assets. Therefore, Cursor Asset Management provides the full end to end spectrum of UAVs induced inspections.