Reducing Downtime

Planned preventative maintenance routines require frequent visual inspection at several intervals throughout the year. Drone inspections are key to minimising outage periods on site and consequently reducing (significant) loss of revenue. Use of drone technology when planning for corrective repair work can be vastly beneficial in determining the time required for an outage of a particular asset.

When considering asset integrity inspections at height, the requirement for (a sometimes costly) shutdown of any particular asset to allow for manned access without risk is generally not negotiable, dependent on the particular part of the plant.

UAV inspection can significantly reduce downtime cost when taking these visual inspections into consideration. Allowing the asset to remain in operation, without the need for scaffolding or access requirements, UAVs can do these inspections. UAVs can overcome above obstacles giving the project manager and team the relevant details. With these details they are able to make on-the-spot decisions regarding the condition of the asset and whether or not it requires instant remedial repair or providing the information as to how long it can stay in service before planning for a shutdown.